3D Creatory offers 3D printing, modeling and design services.
The company was founded early 2015, and we’re located in Helsinki, Finland.
We’re focused on 3D printing and modeling, but also offer design so that we’re able to take a project from idea to finished product.

Our goal is to make 3D printing available for everyone. We do everything from small prints like chesspieces or ministatues, to bigger prints like larger scale models or props.

We're actively looking for partners to work with.

Our workshop is located in Puu-Vallila, Helsinki:

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Our machine:

At the moment we're using two Ultimakers. While the Ultimaker might not be a large scale industrial printer, it is still more than capable of producing great quality prints.
The printer is capable of a very fine resolution, 20 micron. The build volume is 210x210x205(mm).


Contact us with information of what you want. You can do this by doing any sending us

Also tell us what size, color and what resolution you want (if you dont know what resolution is, click here). If you're not sure of this or don't know yet, feel free to contact us anyway so that we can help.

We'll then contact you and discuss further planning, as well as give you a price estimate. We want to make your ideas come true, and work with you to see that they do.

When you're happy with what we aggree upon, we'll make the products for you!

Pricing according to quality

We will always recommend the cheapest option to match the result you want! Some models will look almost as good with 0.2mm layers as with 0.1/0.05mm layers.
  • 0.20mm: 0,60€/g
  • (Recommended for bigger pieces or faster prints)

  • 0.10mm: 1€/g
  • (Recommended for good quality details and smaller prints)

  • 0.05mm: 1,80€/g
  • (This gives very fine details, 0.1 is usually enough)

*A starting fee of 20€ per order is added. This covers the work to check the model, prepare the printer and change material.

How the price is calculated

1. Amount of plastic used

The bigger the model, the more plastic is needed. Also the amount of infill in the model affects the amount of plastic; a solid cube has more mass than a hollow cube.

2. Printing time

Larger more complex models take longer to print, but also the layer height makes a difference. A 10cm high statue printed with 0.2mm layers could take 4 hours to print.
The same part printed with 0.1mm layers would take twice as long, 8 hours, but would look and feel much smoother.

Design & Modeling pricing

We charge 25€/h for designing and modeling. Small simple models take less time to model than larger complex models, and are therefore cheaper. When you contact us, we will estimate the time it will take and give you a price for the job.